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For fashion lovers, Villa Soleya offer a selection of handbags and pouches designed by Tintamar.

Created in 2003 by Edith Petit, Tintamar has become a reference in the world of handbags and accessories.

The reason for it success? Not only do their bags look gorgeous and original, but they are also designed to make your life easier. Why call these bags intelligent?

Because they meet the demands of the traveller and fashionista : with their many pockets of different shapes, Tintamar VIP Bags can contain everything, from mobile phone to keys, documents, make-up and...still be fashionable!

Tintamar brings a fresh and entertaining approach to fashion, with its Intelligent Daily Bags, introduced as “species” from Tintamar land. Charming and functional, these bags are worn by women in 25 countries on 5 continents.

Tintamar bags are available in many different color combinations.

At Villa Soleya, you will find the bag you need, may it be a classical VIP-range black bag, a fuschia pouch or a special Africa pattern Tintamar Very Intelligent Pocket.

Your online store also present Tintamar wallets, enabling you to sort out your money and credit cards easily and Tintamar modern Make-Up pouch.

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